One of my old bikes - Yamaha XS1100 - sold in 1986
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Tom's  2002 Yamaha VStar 1100 Classic

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ISRA - International Star Riders Association
bad riser - threads not tapped far enough
New Baron riser/setbacks
My son Ryan
Stock muffler conversion - take a 1 1/2" inch hole saw, cut around the inner exhaust tube, slip out the foot long tube.  You can either run it open for a 'harley like' sound or you can slip in 1 1/2" OD aluminum inserts to each pipe to get a sound about half way between stock and wide open. 
1 1/2" bimetal hole saw from Lowes
both tubes out of rear muffler baffle
done - try running now for drag sound
2 pieces aluminum pipe 1 1/2" OD
just push in all the way
looks pretty good - sounds awesome
looking in
Finished!  Sounds Perfect
doing first valve adjustment
Addition of Jardine Spin-on Oil Filter Relocation Kit - the stock setup requires removing the exhaust and engine side plate to get to the old filter.  Now I just spin off the filter and spin on a new one - much better!

Windshield -Memphis Shades
Studded Driver and Pillion Seat - Corbin
Handlebar Riser/Setbacks - Baron
Saddlebags - Ameritex
Sissy bar and pad - Yamaha
Luggage Rack - Yamaha
Engine Guard - Yamaha
Light Bar - Yamaha
Oil Filter Relocation Kit - Jardine
Passenger Floor Boards - Baron
Headlight Visor - Yamaha
LED License Plate Frame - JCWhitney
Brake Light Flasher - BackOff
Assorted Chrome Accents - Yamaha

1 1/2" bimetal hole saw from Lowe's
Just push saw/drill in around tube, the conical shape of the rear baffle plate will center drill.  There are two thin metal plates you will be drilling through - they are only about 1/8" apart.
Once you cut through the two plates just grab the end of the tube with pliers, wiggle a little then slip right out.
Here are the two stock tubes after removal.
Here are the mufflers with the stock tubes removed.
Cut two sections of 1 1/2" aluminum pipe about 5 1/2" long (measure yours first - push a stick in until it stops then measure)
Just slip the inserts in place - I have had no problems with the inserts vibrating or slipping out and I like being able to remove them on occasion.  If you would rather have them permanently in place you can use steel inserts and JB Weld to secure them.  For more info on doing this just hit the following link button for a great page done by Jack Phelps.  He also has instructions for disabling the AIS (air injection system) to stop any popping or backfiring.  I followed his instructions, only takes a minute, and works great.
Looking forward after inserting the inserts.
Just a couple of pics of the finished product.
This is me getting ready to leave for Florida
Lydia on her first cycle
******** I take no responsibility for any work you do to your bike so proceed at your own risk ********
At this point start her up and listen.  If you like the sound then you're finished.  If you think it's too loud then proceed